#TopSecret: I used red pen to deceive my boyfriend on Valentine’s day after I went out with side niga

It’s the Valentine version of #TopSecret. I asked my ladies to tell me escapades of what they’ve done on valentine’s day.

This lady chatted me up and she said she went out with her side nigga. Her boyfriend knew about it but she used red pen to design her pad, snapped it as evidence that nothing happened. Hehe.. Ladies be wilding o.

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Lool..what are your thoughts on this??


  1. Shit happens. As you said she should make him define the love they both have for each other and if it’s something reasonable she can give him more time and if not , I guess she has to take a walk. Thank you

  2. This is massive, me and that guy share a lot in common. Knowing how to lick plate and , good sex. My Queen can attest to that. She should look somewhere for commitment ooo, seriously d relationship is not defined so don’t expect commitment ooo

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