Top Secret: My Neighbour’s Husband Trust Me So Much But I’m Knacking His Wife

Today on #TopSecret, after gisting about how how a guy was video calling a married woman and the woman is still asking him for money. 😂. Wasted sugar mummy things.

So I told my friends (WhatsApp Status Viewers) to gist me about their escapades with a married woman/ sugar mummy.

This one is kinda funny. The woman feeds him well. Like she used food to tie him down.

Just read my chat with him 😂😂

I laughed chatting with him. 😂😂

What’s your opinion.

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  1. Please this is not right. Imagine put your wife in her shoes someday. Imagine she plays on you like this??
    U all should know what you bring upon yourselves while single. Two people can’t not be senseless together. You’ve to leave that relationship and start a life! Its way wrong!!!

  2. The whole stuf is dangerous
    Firstly locking the kids indoor,anything bad can happen to dem Nd secondly if the husband finds our Oyo is ur case.. Seek forgiveness Nd stop. The early the better

  3. I hope he hasn’t forgotten about karma, it is just not right ,he should do all that is possible to stop it to avoid him been alive to see a younger boy sleep with his wife

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