Top Secret: My boss is g@y, I narrowly escaped his net

Today has been hot with confessions and experiences flying on my WhatsApp message.

I don’t have the time to do a little Interview for this my friend but this is what he sent to me

So I got a job in a hotel as a restaurant waiter about 5yrs ago. The director of the hotel who is in his late 60’s lives in the hotel.
I was happy I was the only one who got employed amongst 15 ppl that were interviewed

So one of the night I was on duty we ran out of sugar so I was meant to go to his room to get the sugar.. so I got to HIS room and greeted him, he was like how are you? Fine sir I said. He then said…
We employ neat boys in this hotel hope you are neat? Yes Sir I said.
Hope you shaves your armpit? Yes sir I answered.

He was like come and show me.. I willingly raised my hand and managed to open my short sleeve and he pipped and nodded.. you r neat.. for my mind I have passed the second test.. not knowing baba is gay.
The next thing I heard was I should unzip my trouser he wants to check if I use to shave my cucumber area.

At this point my heart started beaten.. for my mind this man want to use me for ritual.
Which one is unzip my… even models never try that shit .

Ha biko I can’t,. I said on my mind.. at this point my heart started beaten even harder and I’m sure he can hear the sound..
I just stood still I don’t know if I should start crying or scream for help I was so lost In my self I had to start calling the blood of Jesus on my mind like I was going to die that night. The blood of Jesus nearly finished within that few seconds..

Out of fear and nervousness.
He just stood on his bed smiling at me waiting for me to do as he said.

Me looking at the old man all I was seeing is a ritualist waiting to use juju to kill me..
Before then, I was thinking gay ppl are small small boys who are just misbehaving, and when they grow up they’ll start behaving normal. I never knew there are graduated gays with Masters degree. (My bad) I managed to say plz sir I had to go down my supervisor is waiting for me. He now said OKAY and I left..

Brethren this is how I managed to get away from this man..
Don’t ask me if I stopped work after that day…
Praise the Lord ooo

I decided to as a few questions

Me: Do you still work there?

No, I resigned after two years when he started getting too serious. Plus the diabolical act be usually dispose
I was a church boy then so I was able to handle him for that long
That was 5yrs ago.
I’m now in lag.

Me: Where is the hotel
Anambra State
Awka precisely

People are really facing issues in this life.

Whats your thoughts on this?

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