Top Secret: I’m Having “Mekwe” With A Married Woman, We don’t plan Leaving Each Other.

Today on #TopSecret, after gisting about how how a guy was video calling a married woman and the woman is still asking him for money. 😂. Wasted sugar mummy things.

So I told my friends (WhatsApp Status Viewers) to gist me about their escapades with a married woman/ sugar mummy.

This baby boy here said he met this beautiful woman in school. She’s in ND2 while he’s in ND1. She’s 4years older than him.

He said the reason the woman is with him because her husband don’t “Calm her body” very well so she went for younger blood.

Read my chat with the young man.

Hmmm.. Inside life 😂

What do you have to say to him, kindly drop your opinion or comment in the comment section.

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