Top Secret: I was my boss g@y partner for 4 years.

This my friend chatted me up for the first time this evening and he said he has a confession to make.

Because my WhatsApp hangs it took me a while to message him. Immediately I saw g@y in his first paragraph, I knew something is about to be sup.

He sent this to me

Happened in 2008… my boss was g@y

Then i had no means of living, my dad died 2007… so began to work for this man… he lured me because of my situation… 😭😭 gave me much money… n began to bang me …😢😢😢 was my worst moment… promised me a visa abroad if i comply… i had no option but only hope…

After i realized i was on my own… i broke away n worked my way to where i am today… today i travel round the world… from china to Saudi Arabia, Dubai doing my business….

I wish i can turn hands of clock n never had anything with him.. i visited him this Christmas i went to Nigeria… he never believed i can achieve much

My inquisitive being won’t allow me to rest. I wanted to know more… How this whole thing started, so we had a small chit-chat.

Me: How did you meet him

I was looking for work i came to his company he like me n employed me…

Me: How he approached you..

As a boy to him i began to wash his cars n he like me much for that.. he began to invite me to his house i go and clean n wash his cloth… he began buying gifts phone..before i knew it..i couldn’t resist his touches.. like a charm😭😭😭every other thing began.

Me: For how long have both of you being together?

From 2008 to 2012… when my responsibility at grew .. i needed to meet up.. so i broke away
Yea but i was in school from 2010.. so i don’t come his side i always excuse that im in school… i never allow him visit my logde at oko poly

Me: Where is he now?

Anambra State

Advice people not to be lust bout material things please now i got all those things he promised… i got them on my own… i regret ever knowing him…have ask God forgive and av gone to confession in my church… i believe im free now…


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