Top Secret: I and my boss killed and buried a fellow colleague

I don’t want to believe this story is true. A murder case.? It better not be true o.

This guy chatted me up at midnight and he said he has something to confess. Ofcourse, I’m not new to confessions until he spilled the beans with his first paragraph… A murder case? I took a long sigh to digest the shock. Okay man, what happened… How?

We had this chat

my boss and I killed a colleague in his company.
We drove all the way to the mainland bridge to dump his body into the water.

Me: I don’t want to believe you

This happened in 2017, till today I still have this gut wrenching guilt that claws my insides. Everyday I still see her face, Every night I sleep. I see her in my dreams sitting and watching me. All I can do is pray to God for forgiveness

Me: What happened??

I quit work obviously. I have guilt issues.. Though he paid me off not to say anything.. I can’t cash the cheque. I’m plagued with this kind of guilt.
I feel it won’t end till I turn my self in

Me: What exactly happened… Narrate from the beginning to the end.

But that’s not the bottom line…
My boss was having an affair with an employee, she got pregnant and he requested for her to abort it.

Gave her 100k. But u know how ladies are. She ate the money and refused. This man has anger issues. He pushed her to the wall, hands on her throat and repeatedly bashed her head to the wall till she died..

She threatened to tell his wife.. That’s why he reacted that way. Out of fear, he just wanted to scare her. But he went overboard

Me: How did you now get involved?

I’m his secretary.
I don’t go till he leaves work.. I heard the commotion. I rushed inside his office, cos I’m stationed very close to his office. The building architecture is really queer.
Sound bounces off the walls easily .i regret entering.

Me: So what did he say to. You?

He pleaded with me. If I reported him his life would be ruined. I mean he has a good family, a stable business and all.
His wife is a really nice woman. I feel in some way, I owed it to her cos she had saved me countless times from her husband’s wrath.
Him basically threatening to fire me. And u know how hard it is to get a job

Especially in Lagos…. But thank God I have my own business now. .
Thanks to him mentoring me and all.. I keep thinking, what if he had done this before, what if he’ll do it again?.
What if when next he does it. I might be the one on the receiving end.
We never know what Tomorrow holds.

Me: So.. How. Did you guys manage to offload the body?

I’m really sorry and ashamed of myself
Wrapped her body with cotton, and taped it…. We left the office around 2am and drove all the way there

Of course they did.
I had to lie and say I had no idea. Till date, everyone thinks she’s missing

I’m planning on moving to Abuja soon

They think she was kidnapped or something.
I think the family bad accepted she’s dead.

I’m just going to stop here. 😢. This life is scary.

What’s your thoughts on this


  1. Was, I am speechless, but you can be free from that guilt and condemnation just ask God for mercy and believe in the death burial and ressurrection of Jesus and you are whole again

  2. Oooooooh😭😭😭 can’t stop crying after reading this,just go to a pastor confess this to him and ask God to 4giv u is really painful

  3. Correct Bae,
    I’m aware of the missing lady working in a company, oh my goodness so she wasn’t missing she was murdered 😱😱😱😭😭
    And the boss paid her family huge sum amount of money, oh my gosh..
    Top secret never exited..
    No! !!!!!
    We all believed she was missing 😭😭😭
    Someone else was jalied for it .
    This life is unfair

  4. Pretty bad, but if u want to turn ur self in, try and hv a very good evidence because he (ur boss) can change things and win d case. Dis z Nigeria. Find a way to make peace with d spirit just to clear ur guts.

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