Technology made relationships harder in these last two decades.

3 decades ago and upwards, that’s in the 80s and 90s, people communicate with distant love ones using letters and dial telephones. In fact, it’s hard for you to start a relationship with someone in another state because you won’t be in any communication with such person except you’ve seen physical at some point.

There’s nothing like “You have to call me everyday”, “Always post my picture on your social media”, “Why didn’t you call me yesterday”

In fact, no one gets angry because their birthday wasn’t celebrated on social media.

The rate of understanding from each party is relatively high because they will probably channeled their energy into something mind developing other than been on long unproductive calls.

But this decade, people of different tribe and nationality connect and find love within their space. A good example is a Boyfriend living in Lagos and his Girlfriend is living in Abuja. They have to call themselves everyday like a full-time job to reaffirm their togetherness. Distractions everywhere because the man sees better options more than often and the lady gets more compliments than necessary. It takes a reformed and focused mind to keep a relationship nowadays.

Good and healthy relationships have been broken and grinded into powder because of the existence of fast communication gadgets and transportation system

Issues like “He stopped calling me”, “He keeps liking another girl’s picture”, “He doesn’t want to see me”, “He doesn’t advertise me on his social media page” has brought relationship doubts in minds and relatively increasing the level of insecurities among lover-birds. These relationship breaker factors added themselves to the unresolved religious and tribal differences.

The standard of showing care and affection has been raised giving less room to human productivity because individuals will have to work and give more time to their relationships than their own life generally.

Lover-birds now spend more time on the phone than reading and making research. Some couple even live together but the only thing that tangles them both are sexual activities because they’ve failed to build their intellects and understand each other’s level of confidence, emotional stability, space, weaknesses during their dating and courting period.

To keep a smooth relationship in 2019, both party have to be intentional about it. Both party need to understand that the frequent use of the phone to communicate will not add any value or improve intimacy between them both. Frequent WhatsApp messages, Video Calls, Texting hasn’t shown any proof of complementing a healthy relationship.

Personally, I’m not a fan of distance relationships.

The old fashion way is still very romantic and appealing to the opposite gender. Random text messages, romantic letters, hangouts, surprise dates, hiking is valid to improve relationship bond and intimacy.

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  1. Correct bae,you are so onpoint o.
    Its jes what is affectin my relationship now
    She chose a distance relationship despite all my idea against it and now she is the one threatenin me that if i dnt end it
    She will break up

    Long distance relationship ehn
    Am so against it
    Calls,texts,whatsapp messges amd dose thing you actually listed doesnt help on it in this present time

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