Success Story: Nigerian Lady Matriculates In University of Lagos After 14 years.

This touching story was sent to our team on the early hours of 1st November 2019 by Correct Bae.

She prefer to be anonymous.

Beautiful light skinned Helen, after secondary school education in 2005, just gained admission into the University of Lagos this year 2019.

Helen’s parents separated immediately after her secondary school education and as being the first born, she worked hard to take care of her siblings.

Along the line, Helen got pregnant in 2011. She stood against all odds to abort the baby, so she took responsibility of her daughter.

To survive, Helen hawked and did so many low income job to keep her soul and body together.

Her hopes of going through university came alive when she met an helper that put her through the school admission process and willing to pay her school fee.

Helen, while celebrating her matriculation felt bad because her father wasn’t around to celebrate with her. He died 3years ago.

Listen to the audio Helen sent in


  1. Reading this lady testimony brought tears to my face because I know how hard it is to have passion for something but you have no opportunity to make it happen. At times I thought I’m the only one with this kind of situation though I graduated from sec school year 2010 and things ain’t working well with me but I made the promise to myself that if at least its ordinary National diploma I must acquire it. As lord would have it I work day and night and I got admission last year December and I would be done with my program by God’s grace next year August. If God give the opportunity I’ll still go for my higher national diploma because it’s something I want .. Thanks for this platform for expressing oneself..

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