Prank: “I’m itching”

It’s another day for pranks 😂.

Yesterday was valentine, some people were taken, some were taken serious while some others were taken for granted, then the oga patapata of them all “Mr Singleness” took the majority.

Anyhow sha, this prank is for those who “Mr singleness did not take”.

You are a guy… Imagine your Val that both of you gbenshin called you up this evening, ask you about how last night went and then she asked if you’re itching, that she has been itching since she woke up.

What will run through your mind? 😂. That she has contacted STD or some random regrets why you gbenshin with her at first.

Dear Queens, The result of this prank will be a voice note. You’ll tell him/her over the phone and then record it. 😂

Prank Instruction

1. Call your lover( the one both of you had intercruise yesterday.

2. Ask them if they enjoyed the experience.

3. Tell them you’ve been itching under since morning and you don’t know what’s wrong.

4. Ask them if they are itching too..

5. Wait for their response and answer their questions towards being having a itching oto.

6. End the call with… “I just want to know if you’re doing fine Sha” bye bye.

7. Send the recorded audio to me

If you’ve pranked someone and you know things might go down roughly, you can send them this link for them to know it’s a prank.

I don’t want you to lose your lover. 😂😂💔



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