PRANK: ” I want a Baby” Prank

Imagine the scene. You are going about your daily business when there’s a buzz on your phone. “Ah, It’s my sweetheart,” you notice, with a frisson of romantic excitement. “I wonder what she wants.” You reach for the phone, the possibilities whizzing through your mind. Could it be a seductive photo, along with the offer of a hot weekend away somewhere? Or maybe she wants to compliment you on that awesome sandwich you made her for lunch? Do we need milk?

“I WANT A BABY,” is all the message says; no context, no further explanation. Holy crap! Where the hell did that come from! Then the panic starts to set in. How to respond to this bombshell? With brutal honesty, or cautious logic? Perhaps some light humor? Or simply delete, block and move to another state?

You’ll get the best result from this prank if you send it during his busiest moment. Let me outlay the instructions.

Prank Instruction

1. During your lover’s busiest hour, send in upper case (CAPITAL LETTERS) I WANT A BABY

2. Wait for their response

3. Send the screenshot to me on Whatsapp

However, if you have any thoughts on this, please drop it in the comment section.


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