Prank Friday: Prank a Friends with a Voice Note of You Knacking


I told you all that today is going to be freaky!.

So, you have to be very strategic with today’s prank and I’ll be interacting here on the blog. Follow the steps carefully so that the prank will make sense. Please don’t prank more than 2 people so you’ll have some others to prank another day. Remember, its difficult to foul anyone twice.


You’ll prank someone you talk freely with. Maybe a Bestie, A Friend, Boyfriend (For this prank, boyfriend/girlfriend could be dangerous).
Download this audio on your phone DOWNLOAD HERE

  1. Send the person you want to prank about 7 “Mistake” voice notes, (1sec and 2secs length kind of voice note)
  2. Send random letters e.g. “se” dk”hwke”rjegw”

3. Then finally send the downloaded audio.

4. Wait few minutes and send few more random letters.

5. Wait for the person’s reply. Wait a little longer…maybe 3mins. Then delete all the messages and send “Sorry”..

6. Send his/her reply to me on Whatsapp

😂 😂

Interesting right?. Let’s go.

I’ll be taking entries until 5pm on WhatsApp

If you have any questions, let me know either here in comment section or WhatsApp.

Warm Regards

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