Prank: 2019 Presidential Election Postponed Again

In less than 24hours Nigeria will be deciding a president. The election was initially postponed from 15th February 2019 to 23rd February 2019.

How does it feel if it’s postponed again? 😂😂. So we are going to prank our friends that the election has been postponed to next week 2nd March 2019 😂😂.

Prank Instructions

1. Select a friend that is very passionate about politics.

2. Ask them who they are voting

3. Talk about INEC failed election

4. Then chat… “Do you know that they’ve postponed it again?”

5. Prove that it’s a breaking news then send the Image below 😂😂

6. Send your chat to my WhatsApp number 09095509909

7. Good luck 🤞🏼


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