I’m Having An Affair with My Imam’s Wife

Don’t get it twisted, it’s another secret revealed. Today I asked my Muslim friends to tell me stuffs they don’t want their Imam or Alfa to know.

Normal now, I have friends in their twenties and thirties.

So this friend chatted me up that he’s doing the wife of his Imam. What a wawu.

As usual, I told him to gist me how it started and we had this chat

Him: Our imam alway warn us to avoid fornication not knowing that his wife is coming to my room every blessed weekend,even now that am sending this message she’s on her way, i don’t know what wrong with her,is not goood, but i love her sha..

Me; ohhhhhh! Gist me, how did it start?

Him: She just call me one day and ask if i’m around that she has some issue to discuss wiv me, i don’t even know where exactly she got my number, i even make an attempt to dodge but just decided to let her come since is the first time, so when she come, i saw her in decent dressing but she just close my door and remove her cover-up
Oh..! To cut the story short i don’t even know how the game start oooo,but i’ll warn her to stop it

Me: Do you really want her to stop coming?

Him: Yes, do u have any advice for me
Cos the house belong to me, i can’t live my house becouse of her
To be sincere i want to stop it, but it seems like she’s enjoying me morethan her husband

I don’t see this as any religious side or something. It happens everywhere. He’s doing a married woman. That’s all.

What advice do you have for me, please put it in the comment section.



  1. He should just try and talk to her..if she keeps disturbing..then you have to park to somewhere else o ..Oga run for you life..na Imam wife oo..if the husband (imam) eventually notice , na magun him go put inside the woman body oo.. of course you know the end na

  2. I think u should tell her to stop coming ohh, In fact end the relationship as soon as possible before the Imam finds out, because the consequences could be drastic

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