Article: Moral Consciousness

It might start with a good attitude, it ain’t necessary to start with stroking. loving someone and still assaulting them sexually is possible and it should be frowned upon and be discarded as soon as it’s being processed in the brain before its actualization.

In a world with various religious views and in a world where we all claim to be religious their seems to be a lack of bodily control and that alone speaks a lot about our Inhumanity.

Religion apart there is something called ‘Moral’ inbuilt in all human beings and No matter how unreligious an individual is, his/her moral and cognitive abilities alone is Psychologically enough to order his/her steps.

Sexual assault on it own is a grave crime. talk more of rape. Let’s talk about rape. Hierarchically sexual assault comes before rape and presently the rate at which rape is occurring is alarming. It is to be duly noted that in Nigeria statistics shows that
Out of a sample of 295 female students from Ebonyi State University Abakaliki in Southeast Nigeria, 36.7% had experienced sexual harassment/victimization at least once on campus. Of this, 32.4% had been raped (10.8% of the sample).

A study of students of the Polytechnic, Ibadan found that in their lifetimes 1.7% (2.5% of males and 1.1% of females) had raped and 2.7% (5.3% of males and 0.9% of females) had attempted rape.

According to Amnesty International, police forces in Nigeria are reported to have perpetrated acts of rape and other sexual abuse against women, in public locations, or while women were transferred to police stations, or while women visited male detainees in police custody; and sometimes police used sexual violence in order to extract confessions and other information.
Regarding the causes of rape many have argued about issues such as indecent dressing and language norms as the main causes.

Regarding the indecent dressing claim, as it is looking at Someone isn’t regarded as rape and other than what is our cultural norms civilization and fashion has brought with itself loads of norms which as a matter of fact we have some problems integrating it into our norms nevertheless the issue of indecent dressing doesn’t warranty rape in any way whatsoever

Regarding languages ‘Studies have shown that men consistently perceive women’s actions as more sexual than they intend. In addition, verbalized ‘no’ to sex may be interpreted as ‘keep trying’, or even ‘yes’ by offenders’ Nevertheless as a good individual which we all claim to be Understanding No for No and Yes as Yes is the dignity of a man.
it is worth taking note that in most developed society the price for rape has been set high recently lagos state and some other states in Nigeria has particularly in the southern part have legislatively make the consequence of rape as Life imprisonment.

Recently i was on a page where i had the opportunity to read comments of old folks who are of the feminine gender. Women ranging from 45 to 65 years of age made comments about their experiences. Most of them were sexually abused by their close relatives and people who they trusted the most.

What got me emotional is the fact that most of the abused had happened to them decades ago and the psychological scar still live in them, it’s obvious in the way their words were molded.

Most of the victim couldn’t cope with the scar they had to seek the help of Councilors.
The effects of rape can’t be overlooked sexual abuse: Gynecological disorders, Reproductive disorders, Sexual disorders, Infertility, Pregnancy complications, Miscarriage, Sexual dysfunction, Acquiring sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/ AIDS, Mortality from injuries, Increased risk of suicide, Depression, Unsafe abortion, Unwanted pregnancy.
With due respect to both gender it’s important to know that even though rape is a negative occurrence that affects both gender it’s worthy to know that the feminine gender are the most vulnerable to it. And with the feminine gender playing an important role which cannot and shouldn’t be underestimated it should be understood that an immoral act against them is nothing but a deadly venom injected into the society.
With all the aforementioned it’s worthy to be an element of goodwill and support what is morally right..

AanuOluwapo Emmanuel Tella

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